Speaking without speech


New Scientist is pointing us to a new technology from Ambient that makes speech without talking a reality.  The Audeo is a band worn around the neck that lets the wearer simply think words and they are converted to real words that can be transmitted or spoken aloud mechanically.  The Audeo can open up great possiblities for those who cannot speak, such as ALS sufferers who can use the Audeo to speak with others either in person or even on phones.  The technology has already been proven to allow the control of motorized wheelchairs by thought and it is expected it will soon surpass the current 150 word vocabulary as the technology is improved.  Talk about a great innovation for those who cannot speak.



The cake is a lie and so is this presentation.

“Subvocal speech recognition deals with electromyograms that are different for each speaker.” -Wikipedia


Thus it would would not work with an audience member. Still there would be no other way to prove that it works because it could all be scripted.

NASA already tried to do this and said that the technology has a ways to go.

Philip Ferris

Stephen hawking is now only able to move a muscle in his cheek and controls his computer with a sensor resting on it. I would like to think that this may hold promise for both him and others in a similar position.

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