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MySpace Developer Platform Launches in Beta

Almost a year after Facebook opened up its social network to developers, MySpace is launching its own developer platform in public beta with an application Gallery Page available to users. It’s based on Google’s OpenSocial platform, which MySpace helped develop. MySpace announced the platform in late January and said it would be ready in early March. It may be a tiny bit late, but that may be because each application is being approved by hand.

Joe Heitzeberg, founder and CEO of voice widget service SnapVine, has a Photo Shout app already on the site. He said developing on the platform was sometimes a challenge since the code kept changing, but pointed out that the MySpace team was responsive to questions via email and instant messaging. For more on how the developer platform works, check out our chat with MySpace CTO Aber Whitcomb.


3 Responses to “MySpace Developer Platform Launches in Beta”

  1. Too little, too freaking late.

    The first thing MySpace needs to do is to make standardized layout pages that people will actually use. The worst thing they have going for them is editable user profiles that people dump horrendous code into.

    Worry about apps after you figure out your rampant spam and security problems.