Exclusive Preview: Ustream Goes Cohost


Ustream cofounder John Ham gave us a video preview of a new feature when we visited the company’s office this week: The live video site will allow its users to collaborate with the possibility to mix multiple video feeds in real time. Users can either interact with each other to create a kind of live talk show or import other Ustream feeds picture in picture.

Both could be very interesting for the evolution of live video. Live video hosts don’t have to be completely autistic anymore, and some folks could actually establish themselves as the real-time commentators on other shows, Mystery Science Theater-style. Ham told us the feature dubbed “Cohost” will be available within the next two weeks. It seems similar to offerings from companies like Mogulus and Operator11.

Here’s the video of Ham explaining and demonstrating what Cohost will be all about:



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Great find.. thanks for that. I was looking for info about it recently. Any news on YouTube’s streaming (youtube.com/testtube)?

James Kim

this is what Web 2.0 is all about – interactivity – I see this feature getting alot of use…cool…can’t wait to get my friends from sister frats to line-up so I can bump them – thanks for the preview!!!

Shakir Razak

Hi Janko,

Did you get anything out of them about whether they’ve beeen acquired or not?

Kind regards,

Shakir Razak


Cool. I plan on using Ustream soon for online meetings. This will be a really useful addition. The nice thing about Ustream is that you can password-protect your broadcast for privacy.

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