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EnerNOC Waltzes Into Texas

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New England-based demand-response company EnerNOC is heading into the Wild West of Texas! It has inked a deal with the state’s Electric Reliability Council to participate in a blackout prevention program that goes beyond large industrial users.

As a Texas resident, I’m all for blackout reductions heading into summer. ERCOT has used demand-response systems to control power flow on the grid and reduce power consumption by large industrial users for a number of years; most recently it used the system after wind turbines slowed just as evening electric usage was powering up.

EnerNOC, which has operations in New England and Florida, focuses on providing demand-response systems for businesses and other mid-sized utility customers. It joins four other companies that will work with mid-sized businesses in Texas to reduce power when ERCOT decides power reserves in the state have fallen below a certain number of megawatts. ERCOT can spend up to $50 million on its Emergency Interruptible Load Service (EILS) program every year.

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