Liberty Media-IAC: Diller Thought Malone Would Apologize For WSJ Article

From the Liberty Media-IAC (NSDQ: IACI) trial … Liberty attorney Kevin Abrams asked Barry Diller if, as a sailor, he understood what it meant when the Wall Street Journal published a comment from John Malone that “the hook is set. It is our company. … Barry ain’t going to be able to spit the hook.” Diller’s terse reply: “I sail. I don’t fish. I got the point.”

Prodded to talk about why he saw the Oct. 27, 2007 article as a turning point — q: Which way did you turn? Diller: “South” — Diller, described the article as “nasty” and “hurtful.” Asked what he did next, Diller said: “I didn’t think it was over. I expected John Malone to call and apologize.” He compared the next two weeks to scenes from a movie: “I thought he’d read this and go, ‘Oh, my, g-d. I would never do that.”