Verizon Offers Faster 7 Mbps DSL


Verizon is expanding its 7-megabits-per-second DSL to 1.2 million additional consumers in 12 Eastern states and the District of Columbia. That is twice the speed of Verizon’s current fastest offer and costs $39.99 a month. The following locations are part of the 7 Mbps high-speed Internet expansion: Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, D.C. and West Virginia. In January, Verizon introduced its fastest Internet service to more than 400,000 home phone lines in the Great Lakes, Southeast, South and on the West Coast.


Martin Theiler

At first i could not believe but now i am very happy to know that verizon is offering its subscribers such a remarkable speed for surfing and downloading from the internet.


ah but here’s the rub. 5 years ago when i moved into my house they offered 7.1 to me. I took the 3 megs. Last year they took that tier away..and now they are re-offering big deal here..they are trying to look competitive where cable is eating their in Frederick county, Maryland. I used to have VZ DSL because Adelphia sucked. Then after nearly 5 years of solid service they dropped my speeds to 2 megabits solid..never went up..never went down. When i called tech support i was told multiple times be glad you have that much. I moved to comcast the same day. Now VZ is trying to use 7.1 to shore up where they have not deployed fios..not working here.

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