The Daily Sprout

Siemens and eMeter Partner to Smarten the Grid: Using eMeter’s EnergyIP meter data management software, Siemens will provide a distribution and support channel. A smarter grid will need a data management standard and EnergyIP could fit the bill – The Earth Times.

Petrobras Signs Up with KiOR: The Brazilian oil giant has signed an agreement to use startup KiOR’s Biomass Catalytic Cracking process to produce biofuel from sugarcane waste – Green Car Congress.

Report: Transportation to Be Hit Hard by Climate Change: A new report from the National Research Council predicts that rising sea levels will wreak havoc on coastal transportation systems, flooding roads, train tracks and runways. Time to build a higher dock – Science Daily.

“A Vicious Circle” of Ethanol: As the economic wake of the ethanol boom ripples through sector after sector the folks at The Oil Drum are fed up. Here’s a breakdown of how to break the vicious economic spiral ethanol has begotten – The Oil Drum.

EcoGeek Fights “Clean” Coal: We feel some serious solidarity with fellow green blogger Hank Green who was infuriated to discover today that Google’s incredible ad algorithm had plastered “clean coal” ads on his blog. I guess AdSense hasn’t gotten the memo yet – EcoGeek.


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