4 Responses to “March Madness Live On Joost”

  1. Hi mates,

    Here’s a cool mobile app for NCAA basketball! I just discovered it, and it’s free. It provides live score updates for all the games in progress at a glance. All the info you want on your favorite teams – schedules, standings, breaking news, the whole works. The latest info is automatically pushed to the phone. Here is the video of the app: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67PPH2AY5Qk

    You can get it by visiting http://ncaab.plusmo.com on your phone. The IPhone site is quite cool! –same URL

    enjoy your game….

  2. @Matt_said

    Amen to that. I think that would do it for me as well. I am so sick and tired of paying like huge amount of money to watch cricket matches online especially since it is on a Windows PC. That is the only time I use WinXP . I would love Joost to gets its sporting-act together as well.

  3. Om next they need to get the rights to the Cricket and Rugby (insert your favorite national sport here) and many of us ex-pats (Im an Aussie) will be very happy.

    I will sure be easier than using several live streaming clients like Sopcast and TVU getting dodgy pirated streams that cut off and direct you to a pirate site to watch the rest of the game or a jerky version of the game uploaded from a user with restricted bandwidth .