FreedomSpeaks So Politicians Listen


Plenty of people get politically active during election years, but the issues don’t go away once the hanging chads have been punched and the Diebold source code is no longer being hacked. Aside from voting (or donating thousands to a campaign) the most powerful way to make your voice heard is to write your Congressman. We all know this, but a new site called FreedomSpeaks makes it easy (and digital).

freedomspeaks.jpgYou can sign on to existing letters, write your own and store them, and have enlightened political discussion with fellow site members. The site needs to add local government representative information and could probably integrate well with an organization like Project Vote Smart, but founder Jason Kiesel has his heart in the right place. He’s a freelance coder who put the site together in his spare timing hoping to create a social network for politically minded people. I’ll forgive him for the social network jargon and hope that anyone and everyone might join. After all, it is your country.



Peter – Because all for profit companies are inherently EVIL!!! rolls eyes Anything that encourages participation in the democratic process sounds good to me. Cool site!


not sure how a for-profit company can be good for democracy, but whatever.


Jason has done an amazing job removing the main barrier to entry for politically minded citizens that want to be active… the hard work.

Thanks Jason!

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