Voo2do: Online Tasks Plus

ScreenshotI’ve known about online task and project management service Voo2do for a while, but I just recently got around to checking it out seriously. What I saw impressed me: the site design is clean and easy to use, and they’ve got a good mix of features. If your current task list application is chafing, this one should be on your short list to evaluate.

After signing up (easy, with an email confirmation), you end up at the Tasks tab, ready to create new tasks. This is a matter of clicking “New Task” and then just typing; the user interface is very responsive. You can assign tasks a priority and due date, and track elapsed time: there’s even a timer built into the application so you can use it for time-tracking. You can also assign any number of time-stamped notes to a task.

Voo2do also has a number of smart features built on top of the basic task-tracking. You can arrange tasks into projects, and assign a context to each project. With the various lists being filterable by context, this makes Voo2do suitable for GTD-style tracking. There are also collaborative features: you can add collaborators for private sharing, or share your task list on a public or password-protected web page, so the solution also scales to small teams. It’s also easy to add new tasks via a dedicated email address. You’ll also find a simple HTTP API that lets you create new tasks or retrieve existing information from other applications, making it useful in mashups.

All in all, Voo2do covers the basics of task and project management in a responsive user interface without a lot of extra fluff. Task management tends to be a very personal thing – people are passionate about the features they like and dislike – but if I were going to use a web-based solution this one would be high on the list.


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