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Twiddla Enables Real Time Collaboration Around Online Media

If you do your business on the web, chances are your team is spread all throughout the country, if not the globe.  One of the advantages to being in close proximity is being able to easily meet and go over a document or media on a whiteboard.  What if you could easily mark up a website in real-time with one or more team mates in a quick and easy manner?

This is where Twiddla comes into the picture.  With Twiddla, you can pull up a website, graphic, or photo and start marking it up with little to no effort.  When you visit the site, you are given two options: starting a new meeting or trying out Twiddla in the sandbox.  I chose the second option just to see what the gist of the product is.

Twiddla starts with a blank slate and allows you to draw lines, shapes, text boxes, or even upload media to gather feedback from your meeting participants.  A text box at the top of the screen allows you to load a URL of your choosing.  The Twiddla user’s drawings are then overlaid on the website/media file.  Additionally, an extremely useful feature of Twiddla is that you can instantly start a voice chat using your computer’s onboard microphone enabling an instant conference call.

Twiddla screenshot

The beauty of Twiddla is its numerous features combined with the lack of annoying encumbrances many Web 2.0 sites involve.  Namely, there are no plug-ins and no registration.  You simply  go to and start interacting with media and your meeting participants. When you set up your own meetings, you are given options including marking it public/private, and email invitations to your intended participant list.

Twiddla calls itself a web-based meeting playground.  Not only is it a fun way to swap ideas about a website or image, it’s incredibly useful as well.

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