Lenovo X300: “an exercise in balance”

X300No doubt you’ve already read a few reviews of the Lenovo X300 notebook, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to point out one more because it’s from Sal Cangeloso over at Geek.com. James and I both have the pleasure of knowing Sal; he’s a fantastic device reviewer who provides a judicious viewpoint and that’s why I enjoyed his review. Sal hits upon one of the main themes of the X300 in a way that I think our readers will appreciate:

“The ThinkPad X300 is an exercise in balance. It’s designers were tasked with balancing performance and usability with size and weight and they did an excellent job. Sacrifices were made, like the dropped expansion slot and the lack of a card reader, but on the whole the system is extremely impressive. “

Other reviewers have looked at the X300 by comparing it to other devices, which is the obvious and easy way to go. But Sal’s thought above echoes a central theme that we’ve hit here time and time again: mobile technology is about compromise. It’s a great read so if you’re considering the X300, you’ll want to hit it. Nice job, Sal. Now if we could just get Lenovo to include a small screwdriver with every purchase, I think we’d see a few more sales. ;)