Video: Kaplinsky’s New Gig – MySpace News Anchor

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We mentioned yesterday Five News had become MySpace TV’s latest syndication partner. Here it is. Turns out, former BBC doyenne Natasha Kaplinsky, just weeks after leaving Auntie for the fifth channel, is hosting an “exclusive”, MySpace-branded video bulletin every weekday at 5pm – a full two hours ahead of Five’s evening news show. Starts today…

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MySpace is owned by NewsCorp, which owns BSkyB, which runs Sky News, which produces news for Five, which…

You get the picture. Not sure why this is being touted as a huge deal in all media outlets. Is it the 'Kaplinski effect'?

It'll be interesting to see how the bulletin gets around teens complete and utter disinterest in anything newsy. A teen friendly running order? Will reports resemble a slightly older version of the BBC's Newsround?

Come to think of it, why doesn't the BBC extend its recent Radio1 partnership and broadcast Newsround to Bebo users? A perfect target audience for this show.

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