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Sequoia Capital Funded Launches Insurance Portal

Sequoia Capital funded company is launching a portal – I think the launch is timely, perhaps a little late, as the financial year is coming to a close. This is the time when most insurance co’s sell policies, a means for individuals to save on income tax payment. I just checked, and is live, and still being developed. Apnainsurance, like Apnaloan, will probably be used for lead generation. has also undergone a rebranding exercise, and claims it has assisted over 4,00,000 consumers in purchasing a loan product. Last month, there had been reports that Apnaloan was in talks with Chrys Capital to raise $15 million in funding. [via release]

2 Responses to “Sequoia Capital Funded Launches Insurance Portal”

  1. vijay subramaniam

    This sure is a funny post… Apna Loan seems to be raising funding forever.. i mean why dont they just make money instead and manage a business. When will people realise that eventually a business has to make revenues > costs to make it worth while for anyone?

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