Windows Live FolderShare beta gets refreshed


FoldershareOne of the most useful tools for owners of multiple mobile devices is the free Windows Live FolderShare. A good thing gets better today since FolderShare gets an update that promises:

• A new website designed to makes managing your FolderShare libraries and computers even easier.
• A new FolderShare with a better setup, a better system tray menu, and better performance on Windows Vista.
• Improvements on the backend to keep FolderShare running more smoothly and reliably.

FolderShare is great way to keep files and folders in sync between computers… even a Mac and PC. Yup, you can download FolderShare for either OS right here and start keeping files in sync today. I keep most of my data in the cloud, but once my Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium arrives, I’ll be testing out some file synching between it and my MacBook Pro.


Aaron J. Walker

Hey Kevin and James, Rob makes a good point. I didn’t know there were that many options available.

Can both of you chime in on your folder share option of choice?

Head to head battle of the options with the personal touch that jkontherun is known for :)

Rob Halligan

I’ve been using FolderShare for syncing and collaboration for years. Now that MS alone has SkyDrive, WorkSpaces, SyncToy2, FolderShare, and FeedSync, it’s time to compare/contrast. I’ve done a little looking for articles on the subject, has anyone seen or done anything comprehensive?


nike, I’ve always gotten the 2nd behavior from folderhsare, including the dialogue. I’m not sure how the first behavior is happening, but I wouldn’t be a happy user of foldershare if it did.


I have tried this, but actually find the synctoy 2.0 beta better. The FS syncing, doesn’t really SYNC, but makes sure all copies are updated. As an example.

PC1 has filea
PC2 has filea

If I updated filea on PC1 and then sync the two, I get

PC1 filea, AND filea from PC2
PC2 filea, and fila from PC1.

Not a true “which file with the same name is NEWER and now update it, and or a dialogue that asks me, which do you want to keep?


Hmm… what’s this— a Live service I haven’t tried?! Just wait till I get home! :)


Already an avid user, glad to see some updates. It keeps my Macbook, Q1U, T240P, and Dell desktop all synced up. It’s nice to just slide that new file/movie/song into one folder and it appears on the rest of the machines (esp. fast over a LAN).

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