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Zap Selling Plug-In Hybrid Kit: In collaboration with Hybrid Plus, electric-car maker Zap will be selling kits to convert your Toyota Prius or Highlander into a plug-in hybrid. Prices range from $24,000 to $36,000 and Zap estimates it’ll boost city driving mileage to 120 mpg – Autoblog Green.

Plug-Ins Save Gas But May Waste Water: A future full of plug-in hybrids will mean more electricity and, therefore, more water used in cooling power plants. Behold, the law of unintended consequences – Science Now.

Ethanol Super-Bug Found in Chesapeake: Zymetis, a spin-off company from the University of Maryland, is experimenting with a rare bacterium found 20 years ago in Chesapeake Bay to produce ethanol. The microbe makes a mix of enzymes and can chomp through plant matter, crab shells and newspapers – Washington Post.

Canada Wants Cleaner Oil Sands: Ottawa is set to unveil new regulations this week forcing new oil sand projects, as well as coal-fired power plants, to capture and store carbon emissions – The Globe and Mail.

WaPo’s Award Winning Carbon Atlas: It’s hard to get a handle on how the world’s carbon emissions are divided among the global community. This map breaks it down showing emissions in terms of relative size using pretty colors – Kelso Cartography, via TreeHugger.

Carbon Atlas


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