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Oh Hulu! Ready For The World?

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Hulu is launching tomorrow and has signed Warner Bros., Lionsgate, the NBA, and the NHL. The site also features premium web content from Vuguru, WatchMojo and WineLibrary TV. Hulu has come a long way for its early days when it was referred to as Clown Co by many including yours truly. Now it needs to find a mainstream audience.

With $100 million VC funding it has a long rope to build a business. On a personal note, during my sick days, Hulu was a constant companion, providing laughs on demand. I might have changed my mind about Hulu, but will others find the service attractive? More @ NewTeeVee

21 Responses to “Oh Hulu! Ready For The World?”

  1. I don’t own a television, so thank god for for not forcing me download anything to watch my favorite television shows and movies in high-quality video on my laptop for free. Seriously — thank you.

  2. @ Nice Clip,

    Amen to both your points. being one who kinda gotta into trouble myself, I know the whole 18-hour-work-day theory is a one way road to disaster. trust me – i have been there.

  3. Nice Clip

    BTW – Great choice of a sample movie clip on a couple of counts:

    A) It’s funny.

    B) It’s a great little retort to the “fire anyone who won’t put in 18 hour days at your startup” idiocies that have been supported this week by the likes of Scoble, Calacanis, etc. I guess we know who their hero is now.

    I simply can’t imagine any of the poor saps working 18 hours a day 6 or 7 days a week for naught but $35k per year ever utter – “I should have worked more…”


  4. I had no real expectation that it would be available out of the US, its just that when I popped open my RSS reader this was the first article in my list, and I got excited for about 10 secs when I read the headline. No apologies were expected, but it good to know you feel our pain when it comes to accessing stuff outside the US.

  5. I’m a fan of Hulu, but the first time I really needed the service was this past week when I was traveling outside the US. And then I discovered you couldn’t access it. What a bummer. Takes away a major reason to go there.

  6. @ Shah, I have been impressed by the quality of the video. I think if they started using technology from say Move Networks, the quality could be pretty good even on a 23-inch computer screen.

  7. Om, I’m really happy to hear you came around to Hulu. Here in the office, I “test” Hulu all the time and always liked to believe long-form video content powered by the Internet would have a bright future. With services such as Hulu, advances in bandwidth upgrades and optimization, and soon, televisions with built in wireless capabilities, I think it won’t be too long before we can start watching Airwolf in the living room.

  8. @kuldeep and @ Amit,

    Apologies for the slightly leading headline. It was mostly inspired by a song I was listening to when I wrote that headline. Oh Sheila, by a now forgotten band called, Ready For The World.

  9. Om did put a question mark in his headline so I kinda forgive him there ;)

    When HULU and all the other US centric IPTV services provide global release windows for thier partners content then Om can proclaim

    “Ready for the World!”