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No Punitive Damages in Viacom v. YouTube

A federal judge denied Viacom’s claim for punitive damages in its $1 billion copyright lawsuit against Google/YouTube. Viacom can still sue for damages, with statutory penalties for copyright violation ranging from $750 to $30,000 per violation (or up to a whopping $150,000 if the infringement was committed willfully).

Funnily enough, Judge Louis Stanton’s ruling today came almost one year to the day after Viacom filed the suit heard ’round the online world (if you’ve forgotten the finer points of this case, check out our handy CliffsNotes version). You’ll have plenty of time to get caught up this year as the case is just getting warmed up.

The full text of today’s ruling after the jump.

One Response to “No Punitive Damages in Viacom v. YouTube”

  1. Viacom could be seen to be suing the site that feeds its addional viewers. What about the Youtube
    and the fact that if an uploader claims they have permission and are not infringing copyright, even when they blatantly are. Under the DCMA Youtube does remove material infringing copyright when asked to do so.

    But how many uploading copyright infringers are Viacom planning to sue en masse?