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Goodbye Samantha: a Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium is on the way

Samsungq1ultrapremiumI hope Samantha forgives me, but like Sammy before her, she’s about to get replaced. I just pulled the trigger on a Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium which I hope to have within a week’s time. Why did I make this change after using a 900 MHz and 1 GHz UMPC for nearly two years? It’s no secret that I’ve pushed the envelope on my “companion devices” from day one. For my activities, a UMPC can be a desktop or notebook replacement because my general requirements are meager. However, they could benefit from two key upgrades: a 1.33 GHz Core Solo CPU and the native 1024 x 600 display. I prefer a little pep under the hood, which is why I opted to pass on the A110 powered Q1 units; they would have given me the res I wanted, but I think I would have given up too much for that benefit. I’m also leery of the relative performance on the new Intel Atom; if I have to give up too much performance for battery life, I’m simply not interested.I’ll still ink away on the new device and when I bang out gobs of text for posts and articles, I’ll likely use my full-size, but folding, Bluetooth keyboard from ThinkOutside. For my workstyle, the QWERTY thumb-board has little to no use although I’ll probably use the J and K keys to read my feeds in Google Reader. I have received a fair number of inquiries on the Q1P over the past year; once I get settled in with the new Q1 I’ll list Samantha for best offer if anyone is interested. I may even make it a dual-deal for Samantha and Eeegor, the Eee PC, at this point.

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  1. A word of warning regarding the Premium… in some respects, it’s a variant unto itself. Do NOT expect it to fit the docking station, organizer, or windshield mount. Because of the larger default battery size, they’ve also “filled in” the rest of the unit, making it thicker than any of their size-dependent accessories can support. I’ve sure learned the hard way. Now, I’m sitting here with a Q1U-P that’s never been beyond initial boot, and all of the accessories that go with it, useless each and all.

  2. Congrats on the new machine!

    I received a Q1UP a week ago and have already returned it due to a defect (but am planning to get another).

    *** Can you check to see if yours has this problem? (you can read about it in my Amazon review):

    When picking up the unit, or otherwise handling/flexing the case, the ‘Play Camera’ program will start up and take a picture. Then another, and another.. in a few minutes I’ll have dozens of pics of my nose, the ceiling, you name it, while attempting to do something else. My hands are nowhere near the shutter button when this happens, nor does the button seem to be bound up in any way, it floats freely, so I don’t understand why it happens. Killing the program is useless as it will soon pop up again.

    As soon as someone with a Q1UP tells me they aren’t seeing the same thing I’ll chalk it up as a random defect and order another. Its otherwise a great machine!


  3. Ryan N.

    Does anyone have an idea of when the SSD version of the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium will be available? I called Samsung over a month ago and they said soon.

  4. >>>Then again, I always thought about giving my Eee to a needy child, so there’s hope for you yet. ;)

    Promises, promises. And what’s this about buying the 2133?! You know a release date? FIEND!

  5. Chris C

    Hi Kevin, remember me…. I sent you email before and asked questions about your Samsunng Q1… You promised something.. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN…. Let me know…

  6. Mike, I’m clearing my desk for a potential HP 2133 purchase. Besides, my son has my old Vista desktop and a Toshiba M205 Tablet PC. I think he’s set for now. Then again, I always thought about giving my Eee to a needy child, so there’s hope for you yet. ;)

  7. WTF?! Getting rid of the EeePC too?! Have you no shame? No loyalty? No desire to send it to me for free? Hahahaha.

    Seriously, I thought your son liked it and he would have been a natural to get it next.

  8. Congrats Kevin! I have one arriving tomorrow and am looking forward to testing it out.
    Although I made the jump to Mac last August I still love the idea of having a device small enough to carry everywhere. I keep wishing Apple would come out with something about this size but it is not to be- at least not yet. I’ve tried other UMPCs but none fit the bill for me, The screen on the Sony UX line is too small and the prior processors on the Q1 and Q1U were either poor or impossible when it came to voice recognition. The Q1U Premium seems the best fit when it comes to decent screen size, batter life, weight and power.
    I look forward to seeing how your experience and mine compare.

  9. How did I know you were going to get one. Seeing that picture of you holding one at CES was a dead giveaway. I know that I want one but I will probably get a eeepc 900 instead.

  10. Hey kevin, I was also considering upgrading my Q1P to something better but even with the improved resolution, battery, processor, etc on the q1 Ultimate I still think that its diverting too much of what an UMPC should be, atleast my definition of it. I think that the q1p Ultimate its just too bulky for everyday use. I’m going to wait for a slim version of an UMPC without the added bulked (keyboard, buttons, fingerprint readers). A good UMPC would have the same power, resolution, battery life, wimax, and would weight under 1.3 pounds. I guess I could dream because the new generation of umpcs are no where near this designs yet.