Build Your Own Office with Bloxes

ScreenshotBloxes are a new flexible building material from one of the development minds behind Humanized. Made of corrugated cardboard (available in brown or white), bloxes are cubes made of interlocking pieces that form triangular protrusions and indentations on the surface of each cube. Put two bloxes next to each other, push them together, and they interlock. Bloxes are easily strong enough to support a person, and they help dampen sound as well.

If you want to project a “green” image and have a bit of fun – or just don’t want the hassle of buying cubicles or having contractors put up permanent walls – bloxes could be the answer. At $59.95 for a case of 20, they’re not exceptionally cheap, but they’re still way less expensive than cubicles and other “standard” office furniture.


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