Spectrum Auction Is Really Close To Ending; Winners May Be Revealed Soon


As the FCC’s spectrum auction enters its seventh week, analysts say bidding has slowed so much, it will close in only a matter of days, Fortune reports. The government auction, which is selling off airwaves for the next generation of wireless broadband, started Jan. 24, and has received $19.6 billion in bids.

Of the five blocks for sale, the C-block has been the most popular, and will require the owner to build an open-access network that will allow consumers to use any application or any compatible device. Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ) is widely expected to be the winner of that block, but bidding is anonymous so no one knows for sure. The controversial D-block, which requires the owner to build-out a portion of the spectrum for public safety networks, has been unsuccessful in getting a large enough big to surpass the minimum level. It’s the D-block that could delay the announcements of who the winners are, Fortune reports. Analysts say if the auction concludes in the next couple of days, it could take the FCC a week to compile and release the winners. But it

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