GameLoft Sets Goal Of Making 15 iPhone Games This Year

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Gameloft (EPA: GFT) said it will develop more than 15 mobile games for Apple’s (NSDQ: AAPL) iPhone this year, a lofty projection given that the SDK was only released Thursday, and no one is quite sure how Apple will manage and enforce its application storefront. In addition, all developers will have to wait until June to sell applications when Apple releases the storefront to the public.

The company said its development teams are already working on a game line-up for this year. Gameloft justified the more than dozen games by calling the iPhone a revolutionary gaming device because of the device’s 3.5-inch widescreen, touch screen feature, strong 3D processor and the accelerometer. Gameloft has some experience working with Apple since it also makes iPod games.

While Gameloft is hopeful, feedback from other developers has been all over the map. In this Macworld story, other game developers were excited and bullish about developing apps for the iPhone, but InformationWeek surveyed a number of angry developers at Apple’s tight controls. Also, in this previous post, we summarize Glu Mobile’s (NSDQ: GLUU) CEO Greg Ballard calling the SDK “100 percent right.”

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