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Channel [V] Head Resigns To Start Internet Venture

Well, it’s a sign of the times that another top media honcho is turning entrepreneur: Amar K Deb, head of Channel [V] has put in his papers, and is looking to set up a website in the entertainment genre. Agencyfaqs reports that the site will be launched in four-six months, and Deb is in talks with media players and content creators for the venture. Ashutosh Bijoor, MD of is partnering with Deb for the venture. At Channel [V], Saurabh Kanwar, VP-Content and Communication will head the operations until the management decides on a replacement for Deb. had reported earlier, quoting sources that it’s going to be a content selling portal called Rowdy Rascals.

It’s not that a content selling portal hasn’t been done before: during the last dot-com-boom, someone I know has set up company for a churning out articles for publications and websites, and that went down with the dot-com-bust that followed. I think there’s a market for that now, what with increase in the number of offline publications, and also feature writing being outsourced to India.

2 Responses to “Channel [V] Head Resigns To Start Internet Venture”

  1. Hey Prashant – this is another friend, not Parmesh of FLS. :) FLS never had the content syndication/reselling model. interesting point about content selection using the user-rating model that Digg does, but i think this also needs an editor's eye. As we know, Digg can be gamed. Editorial selection takes care of mass appeal.

    About the rev-share being heavily in favour of the aggregator, I would disagree – that's a recipe for disaster to begin with. Initially, will have to favour the content providers to collect the content and cement distribution relationships, and then once those are in place, then that rev-share can be tweaked.

  2. This has been done before … .. I think the site you are talking about was . it was truly ahead of its time . in his boom there is Penguin sulekha Deal and some other Blog -Media Deal to source content from Blogs to Mainstream media . what exactly are they trying to do ?are they working on something like Campus18 ?

    there are two main problem i can see

    1) for content creator this model is too much leveraged in favor of Portal owner . if providing hosting and Software to publish is the Value they are offering than why shouldn't one go to blogger by Google or WordPress . if they want to separate Good Content from Bad than they can also do it by choosing top stories of Digg/Reddit etc.

    2) most of the UGC is Geeky and appeal to niche audience . Main Stream media wants mass appeal .

    it would be interesting to see how they deal with it . Good Luck