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Q&A (video): BitTorrent CEO Doug Walker

In some of his first remarks to the press since being named CEO of BitTorrent in October, Doug Walker sat with NewTeeVee last week to discuss his leadership role at the company founded around Bram Cohen’s technology, BitTorrent’s current business-oriented emphasis (or its “third coming,” as NTV columnist Janko Roettgers put it), and its battles over net neutrality with Comcast. Cue the video:

Walker is the new resident gray-hair (though it’s actually brown) and enterprise market expert at the San Francisco-based startup whose technology drives much of the world’s peer-to-peer file transfers. The company recently asked its doorman to check photo IDs after a “crazy BitTorrent fan” barged into the office; it’s not exactly your average enterprise software startup!

Walker told us he’s actually hoping to partner with Comcast, whose CTO Tony Werner is an advisor to BitTorrent. Talk about two heads! “What Comcast has done is just wrong,” said Walker, but he added “You know the book by Lou Gerstner about IBM, Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance?. We’ll be [Comcast’s] dance partner.”

In the video we shot, Walker details his plans to get BitTorrent inside routers, storage devices, and televisions, while at the same time building a bigger footprint for the company’s peer-to-peer software on desktops and with media partners.

Walker hinted that BitTorrent had already signed deals with studios to power their web video downloads, but said he couldn’t name names yet. He said San Francisco-based BitTorrent is not seeking additional funding.