Women’s Site Wowowow Launches; Sparse For Now


imageWoman-focused site Wowowow launched earlier today..the site has been founded by by five media live-wires Liz Smith, Lesley Stahl, Peggy Noonan, Mary Wells and Joni Evans, with Evans as the CEO of the venture aimed at women 40 and older. The five have pooled $200K each to invest in the site, for a total of $1 million in self-funding. We wrote about it earlier in the week, but the site launched today (Why today? Today is the 100th anniversary of International Women


Sylvia Nichols Heck

Great beginnings! Saw you on GMA — looking forward to more. As former newshen for dailies in Florida and weeklies in Texas, I knew there had to be something else coming from others. Can't wait to see!

Bonnie Roth

I feel let down when woman-kind stand by their men like Silda stood by her so called man. These are not men and if she was going to stand there beside him she should have shown the world how she felt by slapping him one good time. Otherwise she should have stayed home and shown her girls how to stand up for herself and not put up with that type of insult from that guy that isn't a man. There are real men out there. I am married to one and my father and brother-in-law are real men. They are out there. Hillary accepted her abuser and that is why she is still married to good ole Bill. I think she should ask Eliot Spitzer to be her running mate. He is smart and has no morals just like Bill and he could be Bill's playmate. Perfect!

Pam Bauer

.I saw you all on GMA. I've often wondered if there weren't women out there over 55, had experienced all the thoughts, lessons, just everything that comes with business, children, life, the past and hopefully future. All you see any more is cute, sexy, thin, which is great if your 18-40, but the real life isn't like that for most people. I have sold antiques for 45 yrs, have had a small company making jumpers, then coats, and travel all over the US selling. I've talked to lots of ladies in my age group and they all have things to say about business, families, their lives, and want others to talk to and relate with. I hope this will be somewhere to start. Thank you, Pam Bauer

Lousie Kennedy

I was listening to this yesterday when you all were talking about what you wanted to do that would not necessarily by aimed at the younger generation. I am 62, have worked for Immis Communications for a sort time. I have also worked in hotels for most of my working life and love it. I worked at the Columbia Inn in Columbia, Maryland; The Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC; and The Beverly Hills Hotel. I enjoy the hospitality venue.

I am not working at the moment as I am working on moving up to Chicago and join my husband there. I am looking forward to the new environment and the opportunity to grow.

Thank you, Louise Kennedy

marg quisenberry

please continue with this new concept. women over 65 are waking up to new possibilities. we need encouragement. it is easy to fall back into old traps. women in the arts should be helped with grants whenever worthy. thanks.

Becky Berzinski

Saw you all on GMA this AM and thought what a great idea and wanted to be a part of it. Thanx Becky

Sally DeLeuw

HI Girls!
The idea is just great! Congratulations for having the moxy to get it started. (It helps to have the $$$$$$ too.)

I tried to subscribe but to no avail. I guess that piece isn't quite ready now.

Still, I look forward to what is coming down the Internet pike and hope to contribute once in awhile, if there is a need and you respond favorably.

Keeping an eye on you!!!
Sally DeLeuw

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