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When the geek shifts

Cimg0411I neglected to mention that a week ago I took the bride to Verizon as it was time to replace her aging RaZR phone and she got the LG Voyager.  You remember the advance look I gave you (and 200,000 others) of the Voyager and how cool the phone is.  She remembered too and it was the Voyager or nothing and I have to tell you she is absolutely loving both the touch screen, web browsing and the flip-up keyboard.  Every time I see her in front of the TV now she has the Voyager in her hands and is happily texting someone.

Today we went to the local coffee shop and while sitting there drinking my beverage of choice I noticed we had experienced a total geek paradigm shift.  I had no gadget in my hands, was just happily sipping my drink and enjoying the ambiance.  My bride on the other hand was sitting there with the Voyager in her hands and was happily reading and replying to her GMail using the keyboard.  Talk about a 180 shift!  :)

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  1. turn_self_off

    heh, as long at it allows communication, one can be sure that more and more female users will show up.

    i think i read something about the biggest non-work users of mobile phones in norway was mothers, to keep track of the kids and keep everything organized within the family.

    hell, i suspect my first mobile phone was based on my mom wanting to get hold of me when i moved out for educational reasons, and the place i moved to didnt have a landline.

  2. Demetri

    I have experienced a similar geek shift when I noticed that while on the run my wife was working from both her blackberry and her iPhone, while I only had one device with me that day. I made sure I told her about what I had just observed since she used to give me a hard time about my device hobby. I seem to have more acceptance from her now about my device hobby.

  3. The battery life isn’t the best. But, like anything else, it all depends on how much you use it. I use the browser quite a bit, which tends to be pretty taxing on the battery.

  4. thanks nate, that helps.. I think you have convinced me to give it a try. I have the extra bonus of having never used a blackberry for any amount of time. how’s the battery life on it?

  5. @heath

    It all depends on what you’re used to. For me, I switched from a Blackberry to the Voyager, solely because I wanted to drop the data plan.

    In comparison, a Blackberry is leaps and bounds better. Browsing with Opera Mini is superior to the Voyager browser. Of course, email on a Blackberry kills the Voyager, or any other device for that matter.

    What the Voyager gives you is a good enough browser, and excellent keyboard and a very nice auto focus camera, at a low monthly cost.

    For me, that makes it a keeper.

  6. I picked one of these up a couple of weeks ago. It’s a fun little phone.

    It’s nice to have an HTML browser without having to shell out for an expensive data plan. The keyboard is as good as any I’ve used on a smartphone, if not better.

  7. That is very funny. I am still waiting for that shift moment with my spouse. Have tried handing off my 8125 and 8525 to her with no success – though my soon to be 5 year old daughter is liking the Dell Axim more and more lately …