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Found|LINKS: Mar. 1 – Mar. 7

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1) Revenues & Up-selling in a Recession: Related to Larry Chiang’s post this week on the topic, now read Level up for features instead of freemium?, in which Andrew Chen writes: “Everyone is familiar with freemium models – that is, make it free for most people, but in exchange for the advanced features, make people pay for the package.”

1a) Also see this Ostatic post that asks, Recession: A Boon for Open Source?

2) Business Models & Economics :
We’ve written about the power of running your business on “mostly free apps”. Now read this month’s WIRED cover story, Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business, by editor Chris Anderson. See also TechDirtDaily’s worthwhile essay on why the nay sayers are just whining: Saying You Can’t Compete With Free Is Saying You Can’t Compete Period

3) Funding & When to Sell?: This is evergreen question was addressed by VC blogger Fred Wilson after rumors that Digg is looking for an exit now, not later. If you don’t want to run your business for 7-10 years, Wilson writes, then “sell when the buyers are knocking down the door.” He also invokes a long-held stockbrokers’ rule of thumb: that money is made on ‘the buy,’ not ‘the sell.’ (PS: He thinks Rose should sell.)

4) Strategy & Innovation: Web3.0 newbies will get a great crash course by scrolling through this 14-slide presentation on What’s Next on the Web? Web Technology Trends for 2008 and Beyond by ReadWriteWeb Editor Richard MacManus, given at the Media08 event in Sydney. Make sure you click an extra time on slide #14, for more RWW resources, including additional slideshows on, 2008 Tech Trends & Predictions, and Web2.0 Business Models.

5) Creativity and Idea Management: This post from Life Optimizer is called How to Find Good Ideas for Business & Life.” Best tip is #2: “Bring a capture tool wherever you go…” See also: 4 Simple Ways to Never Lose Your Ideas.