Silence means a new gadget is in da house


Jk_icon_100pix_2I have been a bit silent the past two days but it’s for a good cause.  I am evaluating a gadget that you want to hear about, believe me, but due to an NDA I can’t tell you what it is yet.  No, not even if you beg or guess will I admit what it is because then the OEM can shoot me for breaking the agreement.  You’ll appreciate the wait, though, that I can assure you.


Genghis Khent

Well Rockville you’re not going to get much better than that. FYI, my usual sources report an about 2 week lead time to get the P1620. JK’s recent experience appears to confirm.

Genghis Khent

Easier said than done. What if I don’t wait just a few days and find out that the new device has capacitive touch, neural control and makes me attractive to women? OK, let’s get real and scratch the attractive to women part. I’d be kicking my way all across the country! Besides, dithering over devices is fun, at least in a masochistic way.

James Kendrick

Never, ever wait to get a device until later. It changes no matter what and you violate the geek credo when you wait.

Genghis Khent

JK, understood you’re not being a jerk, either on purpose or even accidentally :-)

Besides, the secret’s out. It’s the new Motion G5! It looks like the C5 and the F5, but it’s a G, not a C or F.

Sorry. The strain is beginning to get to me. Like Rockville, I keep waiting to pull the trigger on a new device, only to be told just wait a little longer, there’s something new.

James Kendrick

I’m not being a jerk on purpose. My agreement means I cannot give anything away that lets you figure out what it is. That’s why I cannot even deny when you are wrong with your guesses.


Any of these..

Mostly it seems like HP UMPC. Coz, James had already mentioned that he didn’t like the NDA of HP when he was escorted :-) during CES and was shown the hp tx2000 and asked not to talk about it. Same modus operendi…so it should be HP and it is their UMPC.

The other option could be his “beloved” :-) HTC Advantage’s newer version..

James, this is killing..Very eager to know what it is. Pls..


Let’s ask a different question….

Should those of us looking to buy a Fujitsu p1620 stop our little fingers from buying it?

This question has absolutely no bearing on anything James is testing….

Regular reader

It must a $1500 Dell XT Tablet……..
And Aerosmith had a song, “Dream on”

John in Norway

I hope its’ an HP Jornada 720 with modern technology in it. That thing was the best ever. Even Apple haven’t gotten anywhere near the usefulness of that device.


James is legally allowed under NDA to *deny* possibilities. so just the fact he wont deny its the HP should tell you something.

either that or he’s being a jerk & wont deny the HP in hopes of building up more hope.


Is it a new kind of breadbox?!

Heh Just kidding I do hope though it is the HP ^_^, even if its not I’m sure its something we don’t want to miss!

Stephen Feger

I’m going with the idea that it’s an HP 2133 and that James got it as a gift for being a nice guy and not publicly naming the HP execs that were being loud in their Starbucks speakerphone conversation that James mentioned back at the end of January. Yeah, that’s what I’m going with!! :-)


Is it the Kaypro 2008? Ushering in a new age of transportable computers, and coming in at a svelte 24 lbs. It’s been a long time since I connected a keyboard to the computer with a modular phone cord. I just hope they keep the original design touches intact, boy I miss those sharpened steel edges and that wonderful “box” look.

One can only hope…

Brian E

Zatz not even funny, Dave.

My money’s on the HP. I’ve seriously high hopes for this device. If it’s rocking the VIA Isaiah and Linux I’m all over it.


Ok we’ll wait, but when is this NDA lifted (date please)

Mike Cane

If James has the hp 2133, then *I* have the iPod Air.

Yeah, that’s the ticket!


And if he DOES have the 2133, TELL hp YOU WANT TO SEND IT TO ME NEXT!!!


Actually, a serious guess from what is coming out in March- is it the new SSD version of the u810? Having said that Fujitsu aren’t good at marketing via blogs, so maybe its a smaller company


You’ve got an exclusive on the new sony U series? – I hope


Alright. My money’s on the new HP UMPC. That’s right guys, you heard it here first – James has a UMPC from HP. You can post my prize once the NDA is lifted.

Genghis Khent

I’m asking when, not what. Can you tell us approximately when you will be able to tell us? Have mercy. I’m still recovering from the lead up to the F5 fizzle.

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