Craig Venter at TED: Replacing the Petrol Industry

Our favorite genomics guru and cleantech entrepreneur Craig Venter gave a thorough talk on digitizing biology, designing and synthesizing life, and creating “fourth-generation biofuels” (WTF are those by the way?) at the recent TED conference. TED organizers just put the clip up on the site. (TED’s embed code seems a little wonky, so for now, we’ve just linked the screenshot to where you can watch the video).

As Venter says in his speech, his modest goal of replacing the entire petrol chemical industry actually doesn’t seem so shocking in the context of the big ideas at the TED conference. Interestingly, he brings up that he has been looking at organisms that live in ocean thermal vents that convert CO2 into methane, and Google’s Larry Page asks a question about how efficient those organisms can be.

Also, note the disclosure notice that TED organizers have put under the video: “TED Curator Chris Anderson was an early private investor in Craig Venter’s company Synthetic Genomics. His ownership position is less than 1 percent of the company.”



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