Babelgum Redesigns, Opens Up Fest Voting


Internet TV service Babelgum purdied itself all up with a fresh coat of paint and some new features and opened up voting for its online film festival this week (a fest we’ve been skeptical of in the past)

The Babelgum open beta now features an all-new look a Mac version and a system that lets you set up your own communities.


For its online film festival, Babelgum received more than 1,000 clips from 50 countries for its fest and has now turned the voting over to the movie-watching masses to help determine the winners. Bummer part is that you have to download the beta to vote, but on the plus side, if you write a killer review of one of the films, you could win a trip to Cannes with honorary Babelgum film fest judge Spike Lee.



Hi all! Let me say that I’m happy for every filmmakers involved in this phase of game, but I’ve some doubts about the first classified this week for looking for genius category: “waiting”… it is good, ok, but it’s only 1′12″ video shot… it’s not a MINI-FILM as a short-movie should be… “Sotto il mio giardino” – for example, or “seventh and hill” are a LITTLE-FILM, and they are selected too. But there’s a difference… there’s a difference between a VIDEOCLIP as “waiting” is, and a little film!!! It’s so strange that such a differend kind of movie are in competition in the same category! I hope that jury and mr. Lee will think a long about it… will thay give a prize to IDEAS of FILM MAKERS or to real DIRECTOR that made a 20 minutes REAL film?

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