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The GigaOM Show: Brightcove's Jeremy Allaire

[qi:032] Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire joined me (subbing for Om) and co-host Joyce Kim on the GigaOM Show this week. Hear him talk about Brightcove’s traffic spikes from TMZ, politics, and National Geographic; Yahoo’s Maven Networks acquisition; his company’s decision to drop its own ad sales team; and learning from experience to grow through partners. Download a high-quality version here.

One Response to “The GigaOM Show: Brightcove's Jeremy Allaire”

  1. Liz & Kim,
    You all are doing a great job. I’ve watched GigaOM TV for a while now and the content is getting better and better.

    I’ve used brightcove for almost a year and a half and it is sssssolid; almost too solid. They are what we call a Value-Centered Media serving group. They deliver exactly what customers like me need; CONTROL. Let’s face it; companies like us have to be just as dynamic as our customers. And customers are being more tech savvy than ever.

    That’s why with brightcove, it’s to the point that I feel like I’m stealing because of how well put the platform is for us and companies we refer. I know that brightcove serves large corporations like Newsweek, The History Channel, Fox, HBO, and The Washington Post yet it is still hard to see how brightcove is profiting from these platforms.

    Advertising industry isn’t getting any smaller online. In fact, revenue is projected to be $42 billion in online advertising by 2010. I not saying that this should be the primary focus of brightcove, I’m just saying that they are in well range of vast profitability in the near future.