Silverlight in action- Hard Rock Cafe Memorabilia


If you love rock and roll and also want to see what Microsoft’s Silverlight can do with some creativity then head over to the Hard Rock Cafe Memorabilia site and look through their collection.  They have posted a lot of the cool stuff they have in all the Hard Rock Cafes around the world in a tight wrapper of Silverlight that makes browsing through it very cool.  It’s a great example of what creative developers can do with Silverlight (requires Silverlight 2.0).



Mike Cane

I still don’t understand why I need to add Yet One More Frikkin Thing to my PC just because MS wants to horn in on someone else’s action yet again. Haven’t these people yet learned to attend to getting THEIR OWN stuff right — Vista! — before trying to crush others?



It may be cool, but I can’t install Silverlight in my Browser (Opera 9.5)…

I’ll have to wait for the Silverlight to be available for my N800.

Silverlight, together with the iPhone plague, is not makeing the web much better.

With regard to the iPhone, I love the lightweight sites that have sprung up to support the iPhone – but why hard code the screen resolution/orientation when my N800 can view most of the pages just fine. With the new class of lower powered internet tablets and small laptops (EeePC) why not create a new ‘lite’ webpage for all such devices. (I feel better for that ;)

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