QVGA vs. VGA: a pixel is worth a thousand words


VgawindowsmobileHas it really been five years since I purchased my first VGA Windows Mobile device? Yup indeedy, it was early in 2003 that I plunked down gobs of cash for a Toshiba e805 handheld. There were plenty of other choices available, but the Tosh had a gorgeous 4-inch touchscreen that was full VGA. 640 x 480 glorious pixels. Ah… first loves…I’m a bit surprised now that VGA screens haven’t dominated handheld displays. On smaller screens, they’re definitely overkill, but once you get above 3 or 3.5-inches, I think there’s some real benefit. If you’ve never seen a good comparison of Windows Mobile in QVGA and VGA, you’ll want to check this one. It’s choc-full of great side-by-side pics that show how much more usable information that a VGA screen can display. Makes me miss my e805 even more. Sniff…(via Jason Langridge)



Unfortunately, there’s a push for devices to become smaller, thinner, and lighter, which definitely plays a factor in deciding screen size and style. On my Mogul, for instance, QVGA is a good resolution and VGA would be killer on the eyes. Going with a 3.5-4″ screen would make the device great as a PDA, but horrible as a phone. I can’t imagine the drain on battery life and the load on memory as well.

John in Norway

I’m still using my e800, mostly for playing solitaire when sitting on the throne and also for my weekly food shopping. Haven’t found anything better yet (for the shopping part. I use Pocket Excel for my shopping list). The screen is very scratched but it doesn’t really effect it when it’s switched on.

The stylus fell apart years ago, though.


I’m not seeing any speed issues with my N560, works fine for everything I need to do it (especially after I zapped in WM6 on it.) Either way that trade is one I would gladly make. The new HP 210 has a cpu with built in video acceleration in it as well.


yes strange bthey hard to find special when youb dont live in a big gadeget market qvga shit is imposibel to read e books for more then 1 1/2 houer on maybe its becuse they never market it as vga screens much ? or that pda alaways have been as all in one mp3/phone or upmarket pim gagdet?


Isn’t this more like a ‘duh’, of course more pixels are better but the downside is that you need 4x the memory and have to push 4x the bits to the screen which has to effect battery life and speed ( probably not 4x but I was always amazed at how slow my SX66 was on the display side of life).

That said, I’m happy with the iPhone resolution but wish the eeePc had just 20 or 40 more lines..


Why stop on VGA screen? :) My smartphone Toshiba G900 has 800×480 (on 3″ screen). Very cool! :)


Happy VGA PPC user for years now, through a Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket LOOX 720 and now an N560. After that, all QVGA devices just went away as an option for me, I just couldn’t stand it.

The reasons are pretty well visible in that comparison.

Still looking for the perfect PDA/Phone with VGA or better though… but for now carrying two devices with Bluetooth tethering works. Strongly considering moving to the iPaq 210 just for that great battery, that’s a weakness with my current VGA machine – and the massive memory possibilities wouldn’t hurt any.

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