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You are probably aware that I have been playing with the MoGo Mouse/ HP PC Card Mouse for a few days and I really like it so far.  The model I am using has no scroll capabilities like most of the mice today and MoGo has recently begun touting "their" utility for providing scrolling capability without the wheel.  I did some research after downloading and installing "their" utility and found it is actually an old utility called Pointix Scroll ++ that was released way back before there were any mice that had scroll wheels.  Scroll ++ has a simple principle, you assign one of the mouse buttons to trigger scrolling or panning within a window.  I have assigned the right mouse button to that function so when I want to scroll or pan a window, say a browser window while using the HP mouse, I just hold down the right button and drag the mouse around.  This causes the window to pan around following the mouse as long as I hold that button down.  Simply pressing the right button still sees the mouse button work as it normally would so Scroll ++ is pretty useful with the MoGo/ HP mouse. 

The utility offers full configuration options such as scrolling speed and trigger button and is totally free as abandonware.  I found a blog that originally touted Scroll ++ last year and the history of the utility is pretty colorful.  It seems that it was originally a commercial product but when all mice started appearing with scroll wheels the market dried up and the company stopped offering it.  The blog points out that it is thus distributable for free as abandonware and recommended it to readers as such.  Apparently Newton Peripherals, the company behind the MoGo/ HP mouse discovered it on this blog as they not only started offering it on their site but their instructions for setup of Scroll ++ are a direct copy from the blog which has understandably left the blogger a bit unhappy.  Newton is even calling it the "MoGo Mouse BT Scrolling Software" and implying they wrote it which is pretty cheesy if you ask me.

The utility is working well for me so if you have one of these mice check out Scroll ++.  Note that once installed it works with any mouse without a scroll wheel including laptop trackpads so it might be worth a look for use with those too.  The download ZIP also has a utility called PopMouse in it which simply assigns macros to mouse gestures.  I tried it and didn’t like it so I uninstalled it pronto.  Note that Scroll ++ would likely be useful for UMPCs that have joysticks and two buttons on the bezel too.


Carlton Bale

I was originally very impressed with Newton Peripherals and the Mogo Mouse, then they stole my post, my pictures, and past-off someone else’s software as their own. I’m pretty disappointed with them now. I no longer recommend their products to anyone based on their arrogant behavior.

I can’t believe they were offered free and open source software and ignored it! Actually, I guess I can, but it angers me even more.

FYI, there is an official classification for abandonware. The company must be out-of-business for a certain number of years. If another company purchased the original company and holds their intellectual property, then the original software can’t be abandonware. So obviously Windows XP will never fall under this classification unless Microsoft goes bankrupt and disappears.


James: How does right-click-and-hold on the Mogo interact with hold-for-right-click using the P1620 stylus? Do you need to disable the mouse when using tablet mode?


Will XP also become freeware of the moment when Microsoft abandons (stops selling) it in a few months?


interesting. Around the time that the mogo scroll utility came out, i sent an email to the mogo mouse people telling them of an app that I had written for their mouse. Total freeware and open source.

I sent them the app, the source and never heard back.

it’s a little lame and cheezy and probably not as good as the original app you mention, but i just wanted to put it out there:

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