Eyespot Does Self-Serve White-Label Video


Video startup Eyespot today announced the launch of its Eyespot Network. I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not another ad network. It’s actually another white-label video service.

Of all of these we’ve talked to — Brightcove, Fliqz, Reality Digital, Twistage, etc. — Eyespot is probably the most self-serve — you sign up, get video upload and delivery tools, grab some code, and put it on your web site. No customization or integration. The service is either ad-supported (with revenue share) or costs a monthly subscription.

I was surprised to hear the names of some of the customers Eyespot Network already has launched: eHow and ExpertVillage, among others. These are ostensibly (especially ExpertVillage) video-focused sites — why are they outsourcing their main activity? “They can focus on building their community, and creating, or helping their community create, incredibly viral content,” said Eyespot CEO Jim Kaskade.

Because of Eyespot’s early focus on web-based video editing tools (it used to be a mirror image of Jumpcut, bought by Yahoo in September 2006), the company has built up a stock library of video, audio, and images for users to play with. Kaskade claimed offering the ability to personalize video increases engagement tenfold.

San Diego-based Eyespot is still subsisting on the $3.7 million it raised in October 2006. It has 23 employees. Kaskade said the company will raise additional capital in the second quarter of this year.



Can someone tell me which of these startups is actually making good money? Or is this all about other people’s money?

I don’t mean to sound facetious. But it’s puzzling, and sometimes troubling, to see so much VC being tossed around so loosely at some of the most questionable ideas.


I’m with you Tyler, not to mention Fliqz has a self serve tool that’s super easy to use. I built my branded player in 3 minutes in 4 simple steps.

Tyler B.

No customization? I’ll stick with Fliqz, thank you.

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