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ABC Frees Squeegees

While I’d like to think it was my complaining, it’s more likely that common sense convinced the higher-ups at Stage 9 to finally allow embedding via YouTube for its new comedy series Squeegees.

“We’re working through our process and trying to understand how online video is best presented,”
Barry Jossen, Stage 9’s general manager, told me today. “[Squeegees] did initially go onto YouTube and we disabled embedding, but we quickly changed it.”

Jossen went on to say that Squeegees would also be shareable directly through ABC. “ is a different method; there will be an embeddable widget, if people want to embed the content into their social network,” he said.

ABC is at least catching up with CBS, which has embeddable video via YouTube, and following in the footsteps of NBC, which is expanding its sharing capabilities directly through the network’s site. Hopefully though, the Squeegees widget will be better than the widget ABC put out for Lost, which is just video snippets, commercials from the show and trivia questions.

2 Responses to “ABC Frees Squeegees

  1. SideShowBob

    These damn networks don’t get anything right. Hellooo?!? Do you not want your content to be viral? Do you not want millions of views? Whoever was the wise guy to disable embedding has a lot of catching up to do.