iPhone Live: Major Software Upgrade; Opening Native API; Dev Business Model

By the iPhone’s first anniversary in June, Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) will be releasing the second version of the iPhone software, and based on announcements the company made today, it will be a major upgrade, adding an application store widget to all phones for consumers and major enterprise functionality for business customers. Some highlights:

The business model: Developers will be able to sell their applications or give them away for free on the App store that will be embedded on to every iPhone starting in June. They’ll get to name their price, and Apple will take 30 percent of the revenue. If the application is free, Apple takes nothing. To become part of the developer program, the developer has to pay $99. CEO Steve Jobs: “You are a developer, you just spent two weeks or longer on making your applications, and you wrote an amazing app, and it’s your dream to get it in front of every iPhone user. … That’s not possible today. Most developers don


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