Thought of the Day: Failure, A Step Toward Success

We posted yesterday on the failure of AllPeers. This is an evergreen topic on founders’ sites like ours, failure being an experience all of us will have at one point or another. But failure—like success!—is ‘what you make of it.’ As we learned yesterday, it needn’t be all bad. I’ve had this on my mind the last 24 hours, so when I ran across the Waitley quotation, below, I thought it worth passing on:

“Forget about the consequences of failure. Failure is only a temporary change in direction to set you straight for your next success.”

— Denis E. Waitley, management and leadership consultant and best-selling author of Seeds of Greatnesss: The Ten Best-Kept Secrets of Total Success and The Psychology of Winning.

For those interested, we’ve listed Waitley’s 10 ‘Greatness Seeds’ on the jump …

1) Self-Esteem
2) Creativity
3) Responsibility
4) Wisdom (expressed as reflecting on your integrity)
5) Sense of Purpose
6) Communication
7) Faith (in this case, he means optimism)
8) Adaptability (cultivating coping skills for stress)
9) Perseverance
10) Perspective

For more, read an excerpt of Waitley’s book on Amazon here.