SPB Mobile Shell 2.0: most impressive!

Mobileshell2_mainssI caught this combination video & written review of SPB Mobile Shell 2.0 over at Windows Mobile Louisville and was extremely impressed by this software. It’s another shell interface that sits atop WinMo and looks to be one of the most usable I’ve seen yet. Much of the shell is easily controlled by swipe gestures and large, touch-friendly icons so you may not need your stylus after you install Mobile Shell.It’s clear how much thought went into the UI as you have access to the most used features right on the main screen. From there, you can view the time, weather, battery charge, wireless signal, profile controls and the number of e-mails and messages waiting in your Inbox. The menu transitions look fluid and you can configure the animations to your liking as well. There’s a custom program launcher screen and a photo-based speed dial feature to round out the functions. One new feature is the Taskbar gesture: you can drag your finger down from the Windows Mobile taskbar and choose any of the SPB Mobile Shell screens for instant access. The app costs $29.95 and works with Windows Mobile 5 & 6 touchscreen devices. Check the video and see if the software impressed you as much as it did me.


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