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NBC Finds More People Watching Full Episodes

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NBC released new research today that it says shows a large chunk of its online audiences are watching full-length episodes of programs — and better remembering the ads in them. The research was funded by NBC, so take it with a grain of self-promoting salt, but it does seem to fall in line with previous independent research.

NBC found 77 percent of its NBC Rewind player users were streaming shows as a complement to TV viewing, with most saying they were catching up on missed episodes. Solutions Research Group had earlier found that 20 percent of the U.S. online population watched TV on the web on a weekly basis, and 21 percent of all visits to major network sites were to watch a specific show. The NBC number is a little vague as to how many “most” is, but its numbers do suggest that people are searching for particular shows.

NBC also found that of the people who sampled a new show online, the majority continued to watch it, whether it be online or on oldteevee. That dovetails nicely with recent Nielsen research that shows people who are regular visitors to network sites remain loyal to them.

And in what should come as no surprise, the peacock is touting the value of the ads in its online video offerings. NBC said there was higher brand recall for web-specific ad content now than in previous quarters, with users finding the ads less disruptive than their TV counterparts. Advertisers are already looking to spend more money online this year; 65 percent of advertisers want to try ads in online shows, according to a recent survey by the Association of National Advertisers and Forrester Research.

NBC’s wasn’t the only bit of network research to come out this week. Silicon Alley Insider has a rundown of videos served and time spent on network sites. In that data, NBC served 25.3 million videos, generating 62 million minutes; while ABC served 47.3 million videos, generating 28 million minutes; and CBS served 33.8 million videos for a whopping 104 million minutes. That data doesn’t, however, take into consideration syndication sites like Hulu and Veoh.

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