Swapping optical for battery on X300: you’ll need a screwdriver

If you’re planning to take advantage of the Lenovo X300’s swappable bay, make sure you have a screwdriver handy. That’s the magic tool needed in order to release the optical drive or battery from the bay in case you want to switch modules. The procedure is quick, painless and easy as shown the Lenovo folks in the video above. Simply flip your X300 over, undo and remove a single screw, and then use the screwdriver to release the optical drive or battery inside. Once you swap, you just need to replace the screw… and put your screwdriver in a safe place so you don’t lose it for the next swap.Although easy to do with a tool, it’s a shame that some button or latch mechansim couldn’t have worked in this case. The more you have to carry, the less mobile you become and isn’t mobility the point of the X300 to begin with? Not a major issue, but for perspective buyers that plan to take advantage of the optical drive and 3-cell battery option, this is good info to have.(via Small Laptops and Notebooks)


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