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Should Companies Ban YouTube?

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Now that online video has made lunchtime the new prime time, companies fear a drop in productivity as they watch their bandwidth costs soar. So they’re taking matters into their own hands, according to The Wall Street Journal, and blocking sites like YouTube. But is dropping the hammer really the best option?

Since we write a blog covering online video, we’re a little biased — power to the people! Set Tay Zonday free! Online video is a great way for workers to kill five minutes in between soul-crushing meetings and memos. But companies trying to compete and keep costs down might not share our sentiment. So we’re turning the question over to you, the potentially-oppressed masses. Take part in our poll and if you have a story about boneheaded bosses blocking your online video fun, share it in our comments section.

What do you think a future with robots and AI has in store for us?

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9 Responses to “Should Companies Ban YouTube?”

  1. I work in development for a new media platform, so watching online videos is my job. And Scrabulous provides valuable… err… power to the people!

  2. virginian9000

    When production drops, companies try to find out why. The trust is that if youtube was blocked, productivity would still drop from other avenues. No one spends their entire day working.

  3. Do content sites like YouTube lower productivity? Maybe, maybe not.

    But would you rather that the lower productivity come from employees getting together to watch a funny video and share a laugh, OR getting together to complain that they can’t and figuring out and sharing ways to circumvent the block.

    Happy Employees are more productive than Unhappy Employees.

    Of course, with all things there is a limit, and a balance to be achieved, and every company must make that decision on their own for their own circumstances.

  4. i wish there was a selection in the poll for those that DO work in web video… something like: Option 4 “Hell No… this Youtube doohickey is my public library…” or whatever.