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Pitchfork to Launch Video Site, Then Hate It

Independent music site Pitchfork will launch an online music TV channel on April 7, opening up an entirely new medium with which they can use to look down on you. will showcase underground shows, full concerts, interviews and “the most carefully curated selection of music videos online” (translation: no Nickelback). Additionally, will also show full-length music-related feature films, vintage concerts and documentaries, and bring all this to you using “…one of the web’s largest, crispest, and highest-resolution displays.”

Now, Pitchfork’s clearly not interested in being MTV (heck, MTV isn’t interested in being MTV). And part of Pitchfork’s appeal is its uber-snobbery, beautifully summed up in this headline from The Onion: “Pitchfork Gives Music a 6.8.” But will documentaries about GG Allin draw enough eyeballs to pay for all that video bandwidth?

11 Responses to “Pitchfork to Launch Video Site, Then Hate It”

  1. Good headline and interesting story as well. I knew I wasn’t the only one with a love-hate attitude towards pitchfork. It’s a great site but at the same time they deserve to be made fun of for their hating on good bands that just aren’t hip enough. I look forward to loving some of the content, hating some of the content and being very happy for my friends who will have a bigger audience for the work they’re already producing for them.

  2. BTW – my wife and I are working on an indie video blog project that the Pitchfork peeps are gonna like – check out our silly ‘coming soon’ page: & the corresponding Tumblr blog:

  3. LOL – you guys is nerds.

    The Onion headline is pretty right on, too, you’re right. But one thing I think is going to be rad about this new site… they’ll be finding indie content creators around the country to help support the model, I’m sure. And that can only mean good things for us!