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How to (Really) Use SEO Effectively

Aruni Gunasegaram is a popular contributor to Found|READ, so I’m now a regular visitor to her own blog, Tonight I ran across her current post, What They Don’t Tell You About SEO – Part 2. As you’d expect, it details Aruni’s adventures in hiring a “search engine optimization” firm to help her current startup, BabbleSoft, amp its search page rank on Google.

Aruni hired her SEO firm in December, and she finally details some of the things she’s learned from the experience, including the results of her investment and the (possibly more helpful!) perspective she gained from an independent site-ranking source, which she stumbled upon, called Website Grader.

We have seen an increase in trial account sign ups and a few more sales, but I’m still waiting for the landslide! :-)
I know it is sometimes an experimental process with keyword selection, and I know since we aren’t selling cupcakes (i.e., a well understood product) that things might take a little longer. I know all of this and yet I still want (dare I say need) to see those results immediately because I’m fundraising

I’m sure most of you can relate to this particular pressure, which is why Aruni’s post is definitely worth your review, especially true if you’ve ever considered hiring an SEO firm for your own startup site.

Before you do, consider Aruni’s final thought:

So my conclusion is that even if you have hired an SEO firm, take time to check out other SEO tools out there like Website Grader. You might just find something to ask your firm about and learn something about the process along the way. Even the best of teams and people sometimes require a little oversight. If they are a good team, they won’t get defensive and they’ll work to fix it right away and make it up to you with hopefully more than yummy looking billiard cupcakes!

For the whole of Aruni’s post click here. We also recommend part I in this series,
What They Don’t Tell You About SEO – Part 1
, published on January 24, 2008.

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