Folio Jobs Survey Finds Mag Staffers Feel Immune To Cuts, As Business Shifts To Digital

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For the most part, magazine staffers are not personally worried about their own jobs, though many have noted the increasing occurrence of layoffs and downsizing over the past year, according to a reader survey taken by Folio. (The magazine trade pub took the pulse of 12,270 of randomly selected reader and got 885 usable responses, a 7 percent response rate.) Not surprisingly, given the near-universal emphasis on their online properties, 53 percent of the survey’s respondents said that most of the current hiring was happening on the digital side, not the print side, these days. Also, 88 percent said their company is emphasizing online in terms of growth. In particular, a number of the survey’s participants pointed to ad sales and online project work as the main focus of their companies’ hiring moves this year.

Some of Folio’s other commenters warned against using Craig’s List or social nets like Facebook to connect with anyone seeking a position above entry level. Dick Ryan, president and CEO of ZweigWhite:

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i'm always amazed at how print employees are oblivious to the imminent risk of layoffs. The ones i've seen laid off in the companies I've worked (on the digital side) are always shocked. And more often then not, they go out looking for more print jobs rather than trying to transition to the web where the jobs are.

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