Broadband Content Bits: Powers Bild, Nokia Music Launch, More iTunes TV The social music site is to power an online radio service for Germany’s newspaper. Bild Radio makes several genres of music available as well as search-based radio streams. It’s available on the front page, just below the video of naked women. Release.

Nokia: The handset maker has opened its second online music store. Tracks on the German store cost a euro (£0.76) per track. The UK store launched in November, allowing users to buy songs on the web as well as the mobile handset, which can handle direct purchase or PC sideloading. Rollout plans following the UK were delayed and nine more regions are expected this year after the summer. Reuters.

iTunes UK TV: Finally, Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) is adding more UK-centric shows to its pay-to-download iTunes Store section. HIT Entertainment (of Bob The Builder and Thomas And Friends fame) is adding its shows to the service, joining the likes of BBC Worldwide, Warner Bros and Shorts TV, C21 reports.