Mzinga Takes Prospero: Another Social Marriage


In a deal that highlights the fledgling consolidation in the social software space, Mzinga has taken Prospero Technologies as its lawful acquisition, along with $27.5 million in venture funding. Unfortunately the couple keeps the Mzinga name, which will be slapped on Mzinga’s efforts in external and internal corporate social networks. Mzinga focuses on building branded social sites within corporations, while 11-year-old Prospero focused on external sites for media players such as BusinessWeek, BabyCenter and iVillage. Terms of the deal were undisclosed.



I don’t think keeping the name is unfortunate at all. It’s a good solid brand.

Of course I mis-pronounced it mah zingah, now, at last I have it right. Whew!
Lots of great twittering going on about the merger, way to market folks!


I attended the TechCrunch Boston Meetup event where Knowledge Planet and Shared Insights relaunched as Mzinga. I like the name, which is one of the few I remembered from the event, and the team members I interacted with were a solid group. Lots of good twitter traffic this morning regarding the merger. FYI – according to Colin the proper pronunciation is “mm-zinga.”


I feel like it’s missing a letter. Not like Tumblr or Flikr, but I think it needs a Y. As in Myzinga. Otherwise it sounds like MISSINGA.


I think that name is cool! Its not something you forget say like, LiveWorld or Lithium.

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