Mogo Mouse is the No-Go Mouse for me

The Mogo Mouse I told you about arrived this afternoon and after a 1 hour charging session I gave it a whirl, something I should have done before fully charging it.  It seems the unit I received is defective as the left mouse button only works intermittently.  The right button works as expected and even makes a very soft clicking noise but the left button doesn’t work well at all. After working with it for ten minutes to see if I could loosen the left button up to work properly the kickstand that props the mouse up for use starting collapsing every time I went to use it.  The entire device feels very shoddily put together so it is going back where it came from.  This really surprised me after trying the HP-branded one in the coffee shop the other day so I probably just got a bad one.  Not wanting to repeat this experience tonight I ordered an HP version of the mouse like the one I tried so here’s hoping this one will work as expected.  I have to say the form factor is very cool and putting the mouse into the PC Card slot for charging is very handy as it sits flush with the side of the Fuji.  The HP-branded mouse was only $30 at Amazon so it’s worth my time to give a new one a try.  I’m not saying that all Mogo Mice will be made like the one I received but it does give me pause given everything that was wrong with it.


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