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Video: Google CEO Eric Schmidt On Its Health Plans

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We reported last week on Google’s (NSDQ: GOOG) announcements on its health services, collectively called Google Health, when Staci interviewed Marissa Mayer, Google VP-search & user experience, on the rationale on its health forays. As we mentioned before, these announcements are not really a launch–the initiative has been underway internally for a long time, the Cleveland Clinic pilot project was announced the week before, and other partners are on board, and the consumer version won

2 Responses to “Video: Google CEO Eric Schmidt On Its Health Plans”

  1. CJ Kenny

    I too make use of Google's services and love the simplicity of how it is delivered. I disagree with STONE because the idea that health care should be left in the hands of the so called experts really is a frightening proposition. The credibility factor hasn't been establish by health experts thus far. In my opinion, well organized and varied information in the medical field is what is probably needed above all. This is one arena (shared knowledge) that I think the experts would want to utilize, if their motivations are truly for the good of all.

  2. I am an avid Google user and fan of the company but they have no credibility in this area and should stay away from certain categories, this being one of them. I know they have lots of smart people, and they are clearly interested in using all this brainpower, but you cannot be really good at everything. Health care deserves to stay in the hands of health experts. They will never win in this category.