Intel Aims Small with Hopes of Making it Big


intc_8455_80110.jpgIntel has announced the branding behind its new line of processors designed for “mobile Internet devices” and lower-end laptops and desktops costing around $250.

The Atom brand name replaces Silverthorne, which was the code name for the low-power chips aimed at ultra mobile PCs, and Diamondville, which was the code name for the chips in lower-end laptops.

Both chips will be manufactured at 45 nanometers, indicating Intel expects them to be in high demand. It’s a bold move given that Intel is relatively new to the low-power, ultra-portable market. Via Technologies better watch its back.


Stacey Higginbotham

Pete, at first I was confused by your comment and then reread the sentence. It was unclear, so I fixed it. Thanks!

Pete Steege

Atom is a new brand, not a code name. I think it fits, points to Intel’s strategic focus in this space. It only makes sense – innovators in this area like Via have to have a “go mainstream” plan to survive, now that Green and mobility are…mainstream.

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